Our English church consists of vibrant young people under an energetic Pastor.Joshua who is mission focussed.  In 2016 we sent a team to Nepal and again this year another group has gone to the Philippines.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the backbone of our church, no prayer no power, so our team under the lead pastor Dr.Daivid Loganathan meets every morning at  5:30 and intercedes for the Church, nation and in particular for the persecuted Christians all over the world.

Radio/ Television Ministry

Our  Radio Program are telecasted and broadcasted through  Amen FMTET (Available on Bell Fibe TV Channel 842, Rogers Channel 663 and Lebara Play) and CTR radio.

Sunday School

The children are given the opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus Christ and maintain a close fellowship with God. The classes are classified according to their age groups and their understanding of the word.

Sunday School at East Worship Centre
Sundays at 10:00 AM

Women’s Ministry

The women ministry meets every Wednesday at the Miracle Family Temple. They join hands in one accord and pray for our country, unsaved people, church, youths and etc. Pastor. Sherina spearheads this department.

Worship Ministry

The worship ministry consists of well-trained praise leaders, singers, and Musicians who bring liveliness in our worship service.