Month on Exodus

February 12, 2018


Month on the Book of Exodus

The Choice of Israel as a servant people was already implicit in the patriarchal covenant statements (Gen 12:1-3); 15:13-21; 26:3-4; etc.), but not until the Exodus deliverance did the nation as such come into historical existence. The Exodus event is of utmost biblical importance as an act of God marking out a decisive moment in Israel’s history, and event making her transition from a people to a nation.

The Hebrew people, until Red sea deliverance, were seen as heir of the patriarchal covenant promises to be sure, but their election to servanthood took decisive form only in the redemptive act itself

On the eve of Moses’s departure for Egypt, Yahweh appeared again and instructed Moses to tell Pharaoh that   “  Israel is my firstborn son” and that His son must be set free of Egyptian dominion or Pharaoh himself would suffer the loss of his oldest son. Israel is the child of God as heir of the elective grace extended to Abraham, but her servanthood – her functional task is not thereby apparent.

The Lord was pre-eminently EL Shaddai but now was known as Yahweh from the Exodus experience. He is the ground of redemptive purpose- Almighty one; but now as Yahweh its effector.  As Yahweh He said, “I will bring you out”  and “ I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God” Ex 6:5-7 is that the redemption that would make Israel of my own people. This prefigures our redemption that is through Jesus Christ.

The people of Israel came to a no exit situation, but mighty hand of God delivered them through the Red Sea. But we were sinking in sin and being held by the power, guilt, and bondage to sin but the mighty hand of God brought Jesus back to life and thereby giving redemption, Salvation and Eternal Hope. This redemption eclipsed and dwarfed the exodus redemption.

The people of Israel were redeemed to be a kingdom of priest and a holy nation. That is Israel’s value as God’s possession lay precisely in her function as a holy kingdom of priests. Israel as a nation lost its focus and direction and there through Christ, you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.